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A review on the Canon printer common error codes

Printers and computers are an essential part of our lives. We are now all dependent on them for both our personal and professional works. Canon printers have established themselves as a big pioneer in the market worldwide. But with constant use, these electronic devices come across a few minor errors. When a printer faces a problem while printing a document it generally flashes a specific error code that will help you troubleshoot the problem. Today we will look into different error codes of Canon Printers that will give you a basic knowledge of all the different kinds of error codes and what they indicate. If while following this blog you come across any kind of difficulty or want to know more about the error codes then you can contact Canon Printer Customer Support.


Canon Printer
Each code flashed on your computer screen has a specific cause to it. The commonly seen codes of a Canon Printer are as follows-
• Code E13-this code is flashed when your ink cartridge has run out of ink. You can solve the problem by replacing the empty cartridge with a new one. Also, make sure that the new cartridge is compatible with your Canon printer.

• Code E16- the main cause of this error is your cartridge running out of ink. In such case replace the empty ink cartridge and then close the paper output cover.
• Code U162 and U163- this may indicate that your printer is indicating to replace the empty cartridge. If this error code is flashed after inserting a new ink cartridge then you can solve the issue in the canon printer by pressing and holding the stop/reset/resume button for about 10 seconds. This will send a signal to your printer that you are aware of the problem and still wish to proceed with the printing process. Therefore you will be able to proceed normally with the printing process.
• Code 1686- this will mean that the cartridge in your printer has run out. You can solve the problem by replacing the empty cartridge.
• Code E04- flashing of this error code indicates that the FINE cartridge installation id not correct. You can remove the cartridge by retracting the output tray extension before you open the cover. After removing the cartridge you can re-install it. Now close the cover of the printer before you start the printing process.
• Code E05- this error will make an orange light in the printer to blink five times. It is caused when the printer head is not installed at all or if it is installed incorrectly.
• Code E14- this error code is seen with the flashing of the orange light for 14 times. The right way to fix is by getting a cartridge which will support the printer.
• Code 1487- this generally seen when the ink cartridge is installed in the wrong place. Resolving this issue is very simple. Just remove the cartridge and place it back into the printer just in the right position.
• Code E07- when the FINE cartridge is installed the wrong way then this error code is seen. The FINE cartridge is generally a tri-color cartridge that is used in your canon printer. You can resolve this problem by removing the cartridge and reinstalling the cartridge. If you need any help while installing the cartridge then you can contact Canon Printer Customer Support.
• Code U075 and U76- this error codes too are associated with the wrong installation of the cartridge. Reinstalling will solve the problem.
• Code B200- this code is basically a service error that occurs due to a hardware failure with either the printer or the print head. You can resolve the problem by first turning off the printer. Then disconnect the power cable. Now open the printer cover. Check if you can see any orange tape, if required you can remove this tape from the printer. Also, make sure that there is no foreign particle in the printer if there then remove them. Now close the cover, reconnect the wire and turn it on.
• Code 5011- this error code signifies a printer error. The right solution is by turning off the printer. This should fix the problem with the printer.
• Code 5100- this code indicates a service error and can be resolved by first turning off the printer. Then disconnect the power cable of the printer. Then open the cover of the printer and check for any orange protective tape. Look if you find any foreign object in the printer. If you do then ensure to clean it properly. Then close the cover. Now reconnect and turn the printer on. Contact Canon Printer Customer Support it the problem still persist.

Canon Printer Customer Support

Canon Printer Customer Support
Canon Printer Customer Support works all round the clock to provide you with the best solution for your printer related problem. A team of professional in canon printer customer support makes sure that you get the best solution for your entire computer related problem. We believe in the saying that a happy customer is a returning customer, and therefore ensure you get the best service. Whenever while working with your system you come across a problem, feel free to call +1-888-621-0339.

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