Easy ways to solve the paper jam issue of HP printer

Nowadays, technologies are making our life easy and also help us to save our time. We can do anything or everything in a flick of a second. Previously, we write on the papers with pens. But now we have to type and we can get the print out with the help of printers. It also helps us in saving our time. But, these technical things also have to face many types of technical issues. Paper jam in the printers is also one of those technical issues. The printer is an essential part of the offices and it is very frustrating when a document we cannot get in time because of this paper jam problem. When a printer gives you this problem, instead of saving your time, it becomes the cause of your time waste. HP printer also sometime may give you this paper jam problem. For repairs, we can take the help of the third parties which will offer you HP printer support over the phone. You can call them and they will explain what to do with the printer.

What is paper jam issue of HP printer?

Paper jam issue is a common problem of HP printer. In this problem, when you are printing a document in your HP printer, your paper may get stuck in the inkjet of the printers. This may result in a jam and your printer will deliver you a wrinkled, smudged paper. Sometimes, the printer may stop working and you have to pull out the stuck paper. In simple words, this problem is known as the paper jam issue of a printer.

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The causes of paper jam

The paper jam of a printer happens because of various reasons. Some of those we discuss in this blog.

  1. The wrong way of loading paper is the main cause of this paper jam problem of HP printer. While printing, when you are loading a paper in the input tray, it can create lots of problems and paper jam is one of those. Then, if you are loading a paper by folding or fraying, it also can cause the paper jam issue in the printer. Thirdly, if you overload the paper then also paper can be jammed in the printer because the rollers of the printer are designed for a limited quantity of papers. The quality of papers also matters in this case as the wrong paper quality paper also may jam in the printer.
  2. Rollers in the printer play an important role while printing. Rollers pull out the sheets from the input tray and then we get our documents. When those rollers become damage, then also the papers jam in the printer.
  3. Quality of paper is important that we keep in mind while printing. The printer is a device that works very smoothly which needs everything in proper quality. So, if you are using low-quality paper while printing, you may not be able to receive the result you want as the paper may jam in the printer.
  4. The low-quality cartridges can leave stray ink and toner in the printer which can create the problem of a paper jam. Along with that, low-quality cartridges also can degrade the output quality of the printer.

Solutions to the paper jam issue of HP printer

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  • First, remove the stuck paper from the paper tray carefully and also don’t forget to look for the loose paper inside the tray which can help you to avoid this problem in the future. While doing this, don’t lift the front cover of the printer.
  • Then, you can use the rear access door of the printer to clear a paper jam from it. By reading the user manual of your printer, remove the rear access panel and then pull out if there is any paper is jammed. If you see that the paper is jammed in the roller, first pull out the top of the paper and then pull out the bottom part gently.
  • If your printer is still showing this problem, the paper may be jammed under the front cover from where the paper left the printer. By considering the type of your printer, before removing the paper, first, remove the toner cartridges. In case of an HP printer, you can slowly pull out the paper by opening the front cover.

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