How to fix the HP Printer error 79?


HP is a well-known brand and it has been popular among the market worldwide. People love to use the products of HP. There is one product of HP is that a printer which is used in most of the offices. HP Printers are known to be the best as it performs in the most convenient way. But, due to heavy workload HP Printer can face error. HP Printer error 79 is a common error that is seen occurring in the HP Printer.

We all know that without a printer it gets tough to work in an office environment. Nowadays, a printer has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Without a printer, it is impossible to think of working further. The printer suits best in an office environment. It performs many multifunctional works like printing out documents, scanning or faxes a document. When the HP Printer occurs with errors like HP Printer error 79 it gets tough for most of the people as it stops the work in the middle. You can notice that HP Printer is likely to face many errors at times, but today we will discuss this HP Printer error 79. To troubleshoot the error you can also take the help of HP Printer Support. This error is seen occurring in the HP network printer. A reason behind occurring of this error is outdated firmware that creates miscommunication between the spooler and the printer. Here, in this article, we will learn about the HP Printer error 79 with some solutions to troubleshoot this.HP Printer error 79

What is the procedure to troubleshoot HP Printer Error 79?

With some of the procedures applying you can be able to troubleshoot the HP Printer error 79. Further, you can also take the help of the HP Printer Support Number to get help in troubleshooting the error. The following processes are:

Solution 1: Turn off the printer and then turn it on

HP Printer faces the error 79 due to internal firmware. To start the process you will need to remove the error by turning off the printer for 30 seconds. Next, turn the printer on and wait until the printer finishes up the installation. If you notice the errors then disconnect the printer from all the network connection along with disconnect the USB cable. This will make no power connection in your printer. After the printer gets ready again, check for the firmware version and update it afterward.

HP Printer error 79Solution 2: Reinstall the DIMM

When you install DIMM it can also become the cause of this error. With some of the easy procedures, you can remove the HP Printer error 79. If you recently install DIMM and you face HP Printer error 79 then follow the steps below:

You will need to start the process by turning off your HP Printer. After that, remove the DIMM from your printer. Next, install the DIMM once again to make sure it sits properly.

After that, turn your HP Printer and follow the process if the above solution does not help you in troubleshooting the error.

First, take out all the installed DIMM from your printer. After that, check out if your HP Printer supports that or not. In the last step, you will have to install the DIMM supported by the HP Printer.

With the following procedure discussed above, you can troubleshoot the HP Printer error 79. But if you want, HP Printer Support team can also help you.


HP Printer Support NumberHP Printer error 79

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