How to remove Canon Printer Error 5100: Follow this guide

With the advancement in digitalization, we are totally depended on the electronic devices for the accomplishment of our day to day activities. The printer is one such electronic device without which it difficult to carry our work smoothly. The printer is a device which is very much essential and is used in all important offices and institutions including schools, colleges, etc. Canon is a brand in itself and is a well-known name in the printer manufacturing industry. Canon products are designed to smoothen our lives and make them smarter. With the introduction of printers, Canon has proved to be the best brand winning millions of hearts due to its durability and performance. But, technical faults are to occur with electronic devices during its use. Canon Printer Error 5100 is also one of those errors which we are going to discuss in this blog. To get an instant solution to the problem, you can easily switch to Canon Printer Customer Support. It is a third party technical support system that provides an instant solution to all your queries by the highly qualified, trained and equipped service team.


Canon is a well known and reputed name in the printers manufacturing industry. As the printer provides lots of amazing features and updated features, at the same time, various errors might also occur at the time of using the device. You can’t rely upon technical devices, as it is very common that with overuse at times it may not work and certain technical malfunctions might occur.

The following are the most common problems which might occur while using cannon printers –

canon printer

  • Print of low quality
  • Copy and scan issues
  • Printer works too slowly
  • Window sends print jobs or commands to the wrong printer
  • Problems with the canon printer driver
  • Installation of the printer and set up
  • Jams and misfeeds
  • Printer configuration
  • Set up issues with the printer
  • Fixing offline printer


Most people using canon printers have faced with the problem of ERROR 5100. For the best and effective solutions to your problems, you can directly have a talk with our experts and service team so that you can get rid of the problem as soon as possible.


canon printer

The following are the common reasons for the occurrence of error 5100 in your canon printer –

Frequent paper jamming issues – with the problem of frequent paper jam your printer can display the error code 5100. Paper jamming is an irritating issue that arises in most of the canon printers every now and then. To fix the problem if not permanently, still for a considerable period of time, you may require the expert assistance. You can also learn some basic recovery process so that you yourself can fix the problem in case of urgency.

Ink Cartridge Error – Ink Cartridge in printers play an important role in delivering quality print results. Therefore, if you want to get quality prints, you must ensure that the ink cartridge is placed in the proper position or else you might be able to see messages like printer error 5100.

To get an instant solution to the problem and avoid seeing such error messages, you can contact Canon Printer Customer Support for an instant solution. The team of Canon Printer Customer Support is always ready to help the users in solving issues related to the Canon printer.


The following are the possible remedies to avoid seeing the error messages error 5100 –

For paper jam inside the machine –

  • Firstly, turn off the machine and remove the paper from the Output slot
  • Now open the tray and the Document cover, you will see the paper is jammed in the front tray.
  • Push the lever to open the transport unit and carefully pull out the jammed paper and close the unit
  • Now reload the paper once again.

For replacing the cartridge –

  • Turn off your printer and access the output tray.
  • Now open the paper output cover.
  • Remove the ink cartridge and replace it with a new one


canon printer

In order to avoid the problem of canon printer error 5100 in the future, you must perform the following steps –

  • Switch off your printer and turn it on after waiting a few minutes
  • Cleanse and clean the ink cartridge and put it back to its position
  • Delete all the junk files from your computer

For any issue related to your Canon printer, you can also talk with the team of Canon Printer Customer Support by calling them at +1-888-621-0339.

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