How to resolve the Canon Printer error 6A81?

Canon Printer error 6A81 is a kind of error that troubles up the canon printer. When this error occurs it stops the canon printer in the middle. We all know a fact that a printer is a handy device that we use in our day to day life activity. Without a printer, it becomes difficult for us to work easily. A printer not only helps make the work easy but it also prints out documents, scan, and fax. Speaking of a printer Canon printer is the best for its performance and good quality print. But when an error occurs in a printer it becomes difficult for the user to perform printing in the printer. Whenever such error occurs in the printer you can take the help of Canon Printer Support team. The team members are there to help out in solving the technical issues occurring in the printer.

A technical device is important and day by day it has been upgrading to a new level. With the new technology upgrade, the work of the people has become easier. But, the fact of getting technical issues lowers down the work process. A technical device is likely to get errors, and a printer is a technical device so it can be affected by errors. However, the Canon printer error 6A81 can be solved through some of the easy procedures.  Let us discuss the Canon Printer error 6A81, and the solutions to troubleshoot the error from the canon printer.

What is Canon Printer error 6A81?Canon Printer error 6A81

A printer can be affected by many technical errors. In this, a Canon Printer can also be affected by lots of technical errors. One such technical error is Canon Printer error 6A81. This is a kind of error that can affect a printer due to obstruction inside the printer. It can occur due to the purge unit that can detect the sponge if it is not placed in a proper way. You may also notice the clogging of the print head that will rely on there.

However, removing this error is not that tough as it can be removed by following up some of the easy processes. Here, in this article, we will discuss the solutions of removing the Canon Printer error 6A81.

What is the process of removing the Canon Printer error 6A81?

There are several procedures, but today we will follow some of the guidelines through which this trouble can be solved easily. The following procedures are as follows:

Solution 1: Reset the Canon Printer

Firstly, reset the canon printer. To perform this process you will need to press down the “power” button for some time and wait for the device to shut down. Next, you will need to disconnect the printer from the PC and then unplug the power cord. After that, press and hold On/Off button and then place the power cord into the socket. Next, re-connect the canon printer to the computer and switch the power on, by turning down the printer.

Solution 2: Clear out the paper jam and clean the components


Canon Printer error 6A81

In cleaning up the canon printer error 6A81, you will have to clear out the paper jam inside the printer. One can perform it by taking out torchlight and then checking inside the canon printer. While you were checking you will have to look for any paper that might get stuck inside the paper tray. Next, check out if there is any paper crumb or any other object left in the paper tray. If you find any then remove it from the paper tray. When you finish up the process you will have to check if the error is still there or it has been removed. If you notice, the errors then move into the next step.

Solution 3: Clear the obstacle and unstuck the purge unit

In this process, to remove the Canon Printer Error 6A81 you will have to take long equipment like a screwdriver and then clear out the blockage around the purge section.

Solution 4: Remove away the dust from the Canon Printer

Canon printer error 6A81 is an error that occurs in the printer and troubles up the most. To remove this error, clear out the dust from the canon printer. To perform this process you will need to take a clean dry cloth and then clean inside the printer. When you do this you will be able to remove the dirt from the surface of the roller. Next, feed up the page correctly into the paper tray and then the rollers will move freely when you are about to print.

Canon Printer SupportCanon Printer error 6A81

Canon Printer Support comprises of a selected team that is always ready to help out the customers that are troubled up with queries related to canon printer. The team member works dedicatedly to give the best service to the users of the canon printer. To get their help you can call at +1-888-621-0339 and the team members will help you in troubleshooting the Canon printer error 6A81.

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