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Repair HP desktop blue screen error in an easy way

HP desktops are widely used as they are good in quality. When you are going to do something very important with your HP desktop and it shows an error message, it is a very irritating moment. Though HP desktops are good in quality, they also have to face technical difficulties. There are various error messages which we can see arising in the HP desktop. There is an error which is known as the blue screen error. You can see this error when you are trying to start your HP desktop. So, here we will give focus on some easy ways by performing which one can be able to troubleshoot this blue screen error. Get connected with the team of HP Desktop Support to get the solution for any of your HP desktop issues.

Blue screen error: Error 0x00000024

HP Desktop Support

When your HP desktop has to face the blue screen error, the windows of it displays a stop error number that is 0x00000024. It also can look like an error message that is “Driver_IRQL_not_less_or_equal.” You have to find out the exact cause for the error as soon as possible. It is not a serious issue as the windows 8 and 10 recommend what to do to resolve this error. You can also take help from the team of HP Desktop Support. There are some additional tricks also to resolve this issue which are as follows.

Solution to the HP desktop blue screen error

Restore the system:

When your HP desktop started to show the blue-screen, you have to apply the System Restore so that the software turn over to its previous state. If this solution works, then it is actually a software problem.

Check for Malware:

If there is any kind of malware in the windows of your HP desktop, then also this problem can occur. When this Malware gets the hooks into the Windows kernel at a low level, then it can create the system instability. So, to check it, you have to scan your system and make sure that buggy malicious software is not the cause for blue screen error.

Update the drivers:

If the drivers which are installed in your HP desktops are not installed in a proper way, or if those have bugs, then also those can lead to the crash of the system. To fix the BSODs which are caused by the driver’s problems, you have to install the updated drivers from the HP website for the hardware of your desktop and then install those.

HP Desktop Support

Boot into safe mode:

When your HP desktop computer is showing the blue screen error whenever you turn it on, you can set it to the safe mode. When your HP desktop is in the safe mode, the windows load only the essential drivers. If the cause of the blue screen error in your HP desktop is a driver of your system, it cannot create the issue. By being in the safe mode, you can fix the issue.

Verify the Hardware issues:

The faulty hardware of your HP desktop also can create the issue of blue screen error. First, you have to check the computer’s memory if there is any error. Then, to make sure that it is not overheating you have to check the temperature. If these are not working, you have to test other hardware. It is best if you take the help of an expert.

Windows reinstall:

You can also try resetting the windows or you can also reinstall the windows. This can take away the existing system software of your HP desktop by replacing it with a fresh new window system. After doing this also, if your HP desktop is showing the blue screen error again, then maybe it is a hardware issue.

So these are some tricks by applying which you may able to kick out the blue screen error from your HP desktop. For any issue related to your HP desktop, you can ask help from the team of HP Desktop Support.

HP Desktop SupportHP Desktop Support

In resolving the HP desktop blue screen error, the team of HP Desktop Support can help you. Not only that, for any kind of issue related to the HP desktop, you can take help from the team of HP Desktop Support. Call at +1-888-621-0339 and get phone-in-solution for any of your HP desktops. You don’t have to carry your HP desktop to anywhere if you take the service of HP Desktop Support. They will instruct you over the phone so that you can resolve the issue by yourself. HP Desktop Support tries their best to satisfy their customers as they believe a satisfied customer can be a returning customer. Without taking any hidden charges, HP Desktop Support offers you their service to the customers. HP Desktop Support also offers the customers the opportunity to get their service at a minimal price by subscribing to their monthly or yearly packages.

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