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Brother printers are one of the most opted printers in today’s market. But there is often a recurring issue related to low level of ink or toner which won’t let you print further. You can always deluge the printer into thinking that there is still sufficient level of ink left to let you allow print further by just resetting or maneuvering the ink settings. Regarding the issues related to the brother printer, you can also take the help of the Brother Printer Tech Support.

Why there prevails a need to reset the ink cartridges?

This is because the printer often misaligns us into buying or replacing the cartridges by displaying a low ink or low toner status even though there is sufficiently enough ink to print some more. This is done so that you end up purchasing cartridges frequently but it is here that you trick the printer to allow you to carry on with your operation and hence reset its settings. But this is not a permanent solution because at some point of time you will have to replace your cartridge for which you can always approach local suppliers which may provide you to refill your cartridge with ink compatible with your printer. This would lead to saving a few bucks as compared to replacing the original Brothers made ink cartridges.

refillable brother ink cartridges

You also may wish to reset your ink cartridge if the printer still won’t print even after replacing the cartridges. Usually, the printer automatically restarts its operation once you replace it. But there are situations when your printer fails to recognize the new cartridge. It happens because the printer is unable to detect the ink. (this is possible if you have refilled your ink from third party ink suppliers without checking the compatibility with your printer)

 Resetting tricks :

Method A:

  • Restart your Brother printer.
  • Lift the printer cover carefully(if you are not aware of it, consult the printer manually. If you have lost hold of the original manual you can either approach the website. On not being able to follow the written instructions you can contact our technicians at Brother Printer Support to give you a detailed explanation).
  • Press the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Print’ buttons simultaneously and then press the ‘+’ button. A list of options appears enabling you to select the ink cartridge that you wish to reset. Press ‘Enter’ to complete the reset procedure.

Method B:

Turn your Brother printer off and then wait for a few minutes. Open your printer to carefully remove the toner or ink cartridge.  If you are not aware of the procedure, you can refer to the manual that came with your printer. On the side of the cartridge not having the gears, you will see a sensor light whose purpose is to detect the levels of ink or toner. The trick is to cover this sensor with a piece of opaque tape so that the light is no longer flashing. This misaligns with the signal delivery of low ink.

Method C:

If your cartridge doesn’t have a sensor light you can try replacing the same cartridge for about 2-3 times in a single attempt which will make the printer think that a new ink cartridge has been inserted.

Brother Printer Tech Support

brother printer

By following any of the above steps you can easily reset your Brother ink cartridge for a few more prints. If the printer fails to print further even after resetting or replacing and you are unable to rectify the underlying issue, you can consult Brother Printer Tech Support by dialing the number +1-888-621-0339 which is available at any time of the day. Sometimes if we fail to deliver the solution to your problem over the phone. So we also have a remote accessing facility.

We, Brother Printer Tech Support provide the service by receiving your location details only with the customers’ prior consent because your security is our utmost concern. We also ensure that there are no hidden charges tagged with our services, unlike other third-party customer supports. Moreover, we also have a money refund policy if our customers are not satisfied. You can also write to us at and can chat live with our technicians on our website.

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