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We can connect our printers with the laptop with or without a USB cable. There is the main advantage of using The USB connection is that we can connect lots of devices like cameras, printers, drivers etc. with the help of a common connection. When you are connecting your printer with a laptop through a USB cable, Sometimes, it stops working. It happens because of various reasons like the wrong connection etc. So, here we will discuss how to solve this issue. If you are using a new USB cable and it is not working, then try different USB ports. You can also talk with HP Printer Support by calling at + 1–888–621–0339.

Solution to solve the issue of USB connection problem in + 1–888–621–0339

HP Printer Support

Check the warning in the Device Manager:

First, you have to check the device manager. If any error occurs in your printer, the device manager, which is near the USB controller entry on the list of the device, displays the error message. If you see what the error is, then try to resolve it. It is better to solve this issue in the computer prior to the printer detects it. It happens mostly when you recently reformatted your computer and the USB driver is not correctly installed or the USB port is not working properly. In these situations, you have to the manufacturer of the computer for resolutions with USB ports.

Run a clean installation:

You can also solve this problem by performing a clean installation process. For that, first, you have to disconnect the USB connection and then right click on the computer. After that, you have to select programs and features which should be followed by selecting the HP LaserJet printer entries and then uninstall those. Now again, right click on the start and you have to select the control panel. Here, click at the Hardware and Sound and then you have to select device and printers after which you have to remove all the devices and select the printer entries. Now, again right click start and select Run and then you have to type printui.exe /s and now press enter.

After doing it, you can see the Print Server Properties Box is displayed. Now, go to the Drivers to delete all the entries and then you have to go to the run window again and type   “c:/programdata”. Then, go to Hewlett Packard folder to remove all the printer related files and folders. Now you can restart your computer to install the software again.

Restore the Printer system:

HP printer support

Sometimes the USB connection problem occurs because of the configuration issue in the printer. So, to solve it, rearrange the configuration setting. For that, first, you have to right click in the start and then select the control panel. Now, you have to click at the Hardware and Sound from where you have to select Devices and Printers and then select Printers. Now, you have to right click on your printer from the list and then select the Reset Printing System which should be confirmed by clicking on OK. To begin the system reset process, where needed give admin permission and click on OK. After that click at the + sign and then select your printer and press Add.

Perform Troubleshoot the USB cable and connection:

When your USB connection is not working, check that if it is connected with the computer correctly or not. For that, plug it into a power source with the power cord if it has one and then install the relevant and needed software. Now, check the power cables and the USB hub to find our if the USB hub is connected to the power cable or not. Then, make sure that both the hub and device are running at the same speed.

If your device is not connected with power or it is connected with a USB device which is not connected with a power source then connect the device with the computer by plugging it to the USB port directly or by connecting it to a USB device which has a power cord. Now, disconnect all the USB connections except the one you’re testing and then reconnect those which should be done one by one so that you can find out which one is creating the problem and it can help you to solve that specific issue.

Call + 1–888–621–0339 to talk with HP Printer Support

HP Printer Support

To solve any kind of HP printer issue, you can call at + 1–888–621–0339 to talk with HP printer support. The team of HP Printer Support is always ready to help you regarding the problem of your HP printer. You can talk with them at any time of the day, they will offer you the best solution for the HP printer issue. So, talk with the team of HP Printer Support and get the best SERVICE.

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