Fix: HP Laptop keeps crashing after updating Windows 10

Does your HP Laptop too has begun crashing after you recently updated Windows 10 version on it? This could include appearing of a black or a blue screen, or system hanging frequently or even boot disk failure. But worry not because here a few troubleshooting ideas that will get your laptop working fine again. For further rectification, you can consult HP Laptop Support for their round the clock services.

Disconnecting external devices:

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Unplug all the hardware components attached to your laptop including the mouse and keyboard as well and then run a boot up to verify if these are the underlying reasons for the freezing of your laptop.

Incompatible Programs:

Most of the time certain newly installed application or software either from a secured site or an insecure one might be causing your laptop to freeze. Therefore try to uninstall these apps individually and check whether they are the traitors or not.

Free disk space:

This step applies to most of the electronic devices (computer or a mobile phone ) and the availability of low disc space usually slows down the speed of the processor thus leading to frequent system crashes. Therefore first see that you have sufficient space on your drive after installing Windows 10. If not, try clearing out the junk files from the drive.

Run an SFC:

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SFC or system file checker is used to scan files and declare whether they are corrupted or not. For this run a Command prompt as administrator after which a black screen called the Black Command Prompt Window appears where you need to type sfc/scannow and then press Enter.

Update device drivers:

After you have recently updated the Windows version, crashing od system could be possible because of the old and incompatible drivers of the existing devices. Therefore you need to update them to the latest version or as compatible with Windows 10. You can check for the newest updates from :

Start > Settings > Update& Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates.

To check for the updates you have to ensure that you have an active Internet connection.

System Restore:

If none of the above methods are bringing a stop to your system freezing, you might want to restore the system or even reinstall Windows 10. But first, make sure that you have created a recovery or back up of all your data before restoring the entire system. Below are mentioned how you can back up your data without booting into Windows:

Windows Installer disc > Restart > prompts “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” > Any key > Restore > Next

Then for,

Window 10/8 : Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command prompt

Windows 7: Restore your computer using a system using a system image already created > Next > Cancel > Go to System recovery options > Command prompt

Command Prompt window > Notepad > Enter > Open > Select all files > Computer > Copy and paste the files that you want in a safe location externally.


If the Windows 10 is installed in your SSD or Solid State drive, incompatible and older versions of software for the former might be creating system crash issues. Therefore update the firmware to the latest versions.

Advanced power plan settings > open hard disk > turn OFF hard disc > Set to Never > OK

HP Laptop Support

These troubleshooting tips should probably help resolve your system crash issue which could be either due to the update of Windows 10 or other hardware/firmware issues. If still unable to fix this issue you can call HP Laptop Support for their 24×7 services at +1-888-621-0339. The shining feature of HP Laptop Support, the third-party customer support is that you need not worry about bringing around your laptop from place to place. Rather you can  receive instant solutions over the phone. In case our technicians are not able to resolve your issue, we also provide solutions to your devices by accessing to any remote locations but only with the prior consent of the customer because the safety of your data is our prime concern.

You can also write to us at or can live chat with our technicians on the website.

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